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    1. verylittlebird:

      this is the sort of web content i am looking to see every day

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    3. Geno’s sassy ticket delivery (15 Sep 2014)

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    6. sidmalkin:

      Pittsburgh Penguins + Urban Dictionary (insp)

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    7. joshpeckofficial:

      puppies are touchable happiness 

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    8. bortuzzo:

      NHL PLAYERS - name meanings -

      evgeni malkin


    9. retiredjesus:

      bruh u gotta run

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    10. wigglytuffer:

      dropping hints to bae that ur ready


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    11. Sidney Crosby’s NHL Media Tour+

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    13. hockeychickchat:

      Just finished filming Sid Crosby, class act

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    14. eartheld:



      My soul is all warm and happy now. Need to do this more often. The water were warmer than the air in the middle of the night.

      mostly nature
      mostly nature

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